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Garmin iQue M3 Color Pocket PC PDA and GPS Bundle with 1GB Card DISCONTINUED

Garmin iQue M3 Color Pocket PC PDA and GPS Bundle with 1GB Card DISCONTINUED
Item No.010-00437-0M
Retail Price:$599.00
Our Price:$279.99
ConditionNew Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)
ReturnableYes (See our Return Policy)
WarrantyTiger 30 Day, Manufacturer 1 Year
This item is currently out of stock


NOTE: This item has been discontinued by Garmin. If you would like a higher-end PDA with Windows Mobile, check out the Mio P550 (click here), with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as integrated GPS.

To see the Tiger GPS Garmin iQue Guide, click here!

Now you can have the full power of Garmin navigation on a Pocket PC - right at your fingertips! This special Garmin iQue M3 Bundle comes packaged with a 1GB SD Flash memory card, so you'll have room to load large map segments and other info onto your unit.

WAAS for even greater accuracy!

The new Garmin iQue M3 brings you GPS navigation on a powerful Windows Mobile platform. The attractively priced iQue M3 features larger, intuitive icons that makes it easier for consumers to select navigation applications using their index finger, rather than a stylus.

The iQue M3 at Tiger GPS features Microsoft's Windows Mobile 2003 Professional Edition software package, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, which supports portrait/landscape screen orientation for easy viewing of multimedia content. Incorporating Garmin's proven, easy-to-use c-series automotive navigation software, the iQue M3 provides premium in-car navigation capability with automatic route calculation to any destination. The intuitive, point-screen interface requires little input from the user and results in the consumer's ability to see where they are on an electronic map, look up an address or point of interest and route to it. An integrated speaker gives voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

Users are also able to choose between a three-dimensional navigation view, or the more traditional "bird's eye" overhead view. The 3D navigation perspective lets drivers see an uncluttered view of what's down the road.

A built-in basemap of North and South America shows major highways, thoroughfares, railways, lakes, rivers and borders. Garmin includes its MapSource City Select CD as a standard accessory, so users can download detailed street-level map data, look up nearly six million points of interest (POIs), and navigate to addresses throughout the U.S. and Canada. World travelers can also add a European or Pacific Rim basemap from the installation CD and purchase detailed maps separately.

The GPS antenna on the iQue M3 folds flush with the back of the unit. Garmin has patented the unit's special antenna release switch that simultaneously powers up the device, initiates the satellite-acquisition sequence and defaults to the QueMap interface. Once the antenna switch is triggered, the device prepares to navigate. The antenna can also be adjusted for optimal GPS signal reception.

Detailed Views

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Software
Includes Microsoft Pocket Outlook, Word, Excel and Internet Explorer applications. Windows Media Player plays videos and MP3s.

Integrated GPS
Easy-to-use GPS with touch screen shows where you are on the map.

Find feature.

Look up points of interest.

View details of listing.

iQue M3 creates a route.

Turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts.

Garmin iQue M3 FAQs

Q. Why should I install ActiveSync on my PC?
A. ActiveSync is the program used by Pocket PC PDA's to interface with your PC for the transfer of data such as e-mail, appointments, and calendar information between Microsoft Outlook and the iQue M-series units. The Tools >Backup/Restore option in ActiveSync can be used to backup files and settings, as well as using the Explore option to copy and paste files onto the iQue unit.

Q. What do I need to synchronize my personal calendar and contacts with my PC?
A. You will need to install Microsoft ActiveSync and Microsoft Outlook 2000 or newer installed on the PC. ActiveSync is included on the Companion Disk that is included with the iQue Mx units. Outlook is no longer offered for free with the purchase of a PocketPC PDA. A new Microsoft promotion allows customers to purchase Outlook 2002 at a discount using a Microsoft coupon included with the Companion Disk on the M-series units.

Q. Where can I get answers to my questions about ActiveSync, Outlook, Windows Media Player, or other Microsoft products?
A. For information about these and any other Microsoft software products, visit the Microsoft website at http://www.microsoft.com/.

Q. What type of third-party applications can be loaded onto my iQue M3/M4/M5 unit?
A. The M3/M4/M5 unit has a Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition Operating system. Any third-party application that is compatible with that type of operating system should work on your M3/M4/M5 unit.

Q. Can I upgrade my iQue M3/M4/M5 to the latest version of Windows Mobile?
A. At this time, there is not an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5 for the iQue Mx because Windows Mobile 5 primarily benefits phone devices. If one is offered, it will be listed in the Updates and Downloads area linked from the left margin of the product web page on Garmin's website.

Q. Why isn't my iQue M charging even though the battery level is only 95%?
A. The usable lifetime of the Lithium Polymer battery is partially determined by the number of battery charge cycles. To lengthen the battery lifetime, the iQue M5 hardware prevents frequent charge cycles after the battery is fully charged by waiting until the battery charge is reduced somewhat before charging the battery again. It is not unusual to see the battery gauge read as low as 93% or 94% before the next charge cycle begins.

Q. How do I access the Internet on my iQue Mx unit?
A. The iQue Mx is similar to a desktop computer in this manner: It comes with a Windows operating system that includes Internet Explorer, but (like a desktop computer) it still needs an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in order to access the Internet. Here are three common ways to connect the iQue Mx to an ISP:

  1. Use a WiFi SDIO expansion card to access a WiFi "hotspot".
  2. Use the Bluetooth feature to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone with Internet access. (A cell phone provider must be contacted for information regarding this service.)
  3. Use the "Desktop Passthrough" feature in ActiveSync to access the Internet through a desktop computer via USB Sync or Bluetooth Sync.

Q. Do the iQue Mx units support WiFi (wireless internet access)?
A. The iQue Mx units do not have WiFi integrated into them. However, a SD I/O WiFi card can be purchased and used in order for the unit to have this capability.

Q. Can I download routes from MapSource to the iQue M?
A. Track logs, waypoints (My Locations), and maps can be downloaded from MapSource, but routes cannot.

Q. Is the iQue waterproof?
A. Unlike most GPS units that Garmin has introduced, the iQue does not have a waterproof rating. The iQue is not recommended for use in, or near, water.

Q. How do I replace my iQue's stylus?
A. You may order replacements directly from Tiger GPS by checking out the "Must-Have Accessories" listed to the right. Please make sure that the correct stylus for your unit is ordered, as the iQue Mx, iQue 3600/3200 and iQue 3000 use different styli.

Q. Can I perform real-time tracking with my iQue and a laptop computer?
A. The Garmin iQue does not have the capability of performing real-time tracking. The iQue does not output data that the computer can use to determine its position for tracking purposes. The HotSync process is the only communications channel and does not have the ability to stay on continuously to transmit/receive data.

Q. What is the best way to clean the display on my iQue?
A. Use a soft lint-free cloth. The cloth may be used dry, dampened with a mild detergent solution, or dampened with ethanol. Be sure cloth is only dampened, not wet. When using ethanol, avoid contact with the edges of the film or glass and with the flex tail. Wipe the surface gently. If there is a directional surface texture, wipe in the same direction as the texture.

Please note: Never use acidic or alkaline detergents, or organic solvents such as paint thinner, acetone, tolulene, xylene, propyl alchohol, or kerosene.

Q. How do I get the SD/MMC/microSD card out of the slot on the iQue?
A. The SD/MMC/microSD card in the iQue can be removed by pressing down on the card, and then releasing. The card will pop up so it can be pulled straight out of the unit.

Q. Can I use the Secured Digital (SD) slot to store mapping detail for the Que software?
A. Yes. SD/MMC cards of all sizes can be used to load detailed maps from MapSource software. Maps can be saved to the card either while the card is in the PDA or while the card is in a SD card programmer. It is recommended that the SD card be used for map storage and not the internal memory of the PDA. This will leave more free space in the internal memory for other programs.

Q. Is the Secure Digital (SD) card a proprietary card? And what does MMC stand for?
A. No, the SD card is not a proprietary card. It is used with a wide variety of today's modern electronics and can be found at most electronic computer stores. MMC stands for "Multi Media Card" and is very similar to the SD standard. The iQue utilizes both SD and MMC card types.

Q. Where do I connect the external antenna to the iQue?
A. The external antenna (GA 27C or GA 25MCX) connects to the top of the iQue. There is a small round rubber cap to the right of the SD card slot, near the stylus. Lift the rubber cap, and you will see the MCX connection that the external antenna plugs into.

Q. How do I activate the GPS on the iQue?
A. You can turn on the GPS by raising the antenna that is located on the back of the unit. When you do this, the unit will automatically begin searching for satellites. Once it has locked on to three or more satellites, it will pinpoint your location on the electronic map. You can turn the GPS off by lowering the antenna back into the unit.

Q. Does the iQue antenna have to be flipped all the way up to receive satellites?
A. The antenna will receive satellites as long as it is not locked in the closed position and has a clear view of the sky. It is adjustable to three different positions for satellite reception. For the best reception, the antenna should be parallel to the ground as you hold it or as it sits in your vehicle. For example, in the vehicle mount, the antenna should be at a 90-degree angle to the iQue.

Q. Must I purchase additional mapping software to be able to find addresses and points of interest?
A. No additional mapping software must be purchased for addresses and points of interest. The M3 and M5 units comes packaged with the City Select mapping software with an "all region" unlock to allow you to download detailed mapping to your unit.

Q. What are "My Locations"?
A. "My Locations" (sometimes called waypoints) are places or landmarks worth recording and storing in the GPS. They may be checkpoints on a route or significant ground features (e.g., camp, the truck, a fork in a trail, or a favorite fishing spot).

My Locations may be stored in the iQue by saving the current location through the "Where Am I?" screen. They may also be manually saved by taking coordinates from a map or other references. In either case, a name, category, and symbol can be assigned to any point that is saved in the iQue unit.

Q. How do I get my saved waypoint data into my iQue M3/M4/M5?
A. Waypoint data (My Locations) can be transferred between the iQue M3/M4/M5 and a PC using MapSource and the ActiveSync program. You can install MapSource and ActiveSync from the Companion Disk that came with the iQue unit.

Q. How many My Locations (waypoints) can the iQue M3/M4/M5 hold?
A. The number of waypoints that can be stored in the iQue M3/M4/M5 is 1,000.

Q. Can I perform a TracBack on an iQue M3/M4/M5?
A. Although the iQue is able to collect, save, and display active and saved track logs on the screen, it does not contain the TracBack feature common to Garmin handheld GPS products. The iQue M3/M4/M5 is more similar to the auto routing StreetPilot series in that it requires that the user enter a destination each time to perform a GoTo. There is the option to calculate a route using either "faster time" or "shorter distance", or you can perform a direct GoTo, which is listed as "off road".

Q. How can I browse the main map with my iQue M3/M4?
A. The browse map feature is under Tools > Browse Map option.

Q. Can I backup/restore the files and settings on my iQue M3/M4/M5?
A. Yes. Use the Tools >Backup/Restore option in ActiveSync to backup your files and settings.

Q. What type of battery life should I expect with my iQue M3/M4/M5 unit?
A. In normal operations, battery life should be 5 to 7 hrs. However, this can change depending on backlight settings and whether GPS is being used or not.

Q. How do I change the battery on my iQue M-series unit?
A. The batteries on the M3/M4 units are not user replaceable. The unit must be sent into Garmin's repair department to have the battery replaced.

Q. What is the largest SD memory card that can be used in the iQue M3/M4/M5 units?
A. Garmin has tested SD memory cards of most major brands up to 2GB to verify that they are compatible.

Q. Where can I find what software version is currently installed on my iQue M3/M4/M5 unit?
A. This can be found by going to Start > Settings > System > Assets > Version > Region.

"Garmin iQue M3 FAQs" Copyright 2006 TigerGPS.com & Garmin. All rights reserved.

Package Includes

Package Includes:

  • iQue M3 handeld
  • USB synchronization cable
  • AC wall charger
  • Companion DVD with MapSource City Navigator
  • Quick-reference guide
  • Dashboard disk
  • Metal stylus
  • Protective flip cover
  • Automotive windshield mount w/ integrated charger

Tech Specs

Garmin iQue M3 Specifications:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software
  • Computing Software: Microsoft Pocket Outlook, Internet Explorer, Word and Excel; Windows Media Player, MSN Messenger Service, Calculator and ActiveSync
  • Processor: 312-MHz Intel PXA 271
  • Unit size/weight: 5.0" x 2.8" x 0.74"/ 5.9 oz.
  • Screen dimensions: 3.5" diagonal
  • Display: 240x320-pixel, transflective TFT with 16-bit color display; 64K colors; bright white LED backlight
  • Internal Memory: 32 MB ROM; 64 MB RAM
  • Battery: 1,250-mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery delivering 5-7 hours of continuous PDA/GPS use
  • Audio hardware: Microphone, speaker, headphone jack
  • Expansion: Secure Digital slot with SDIO compatibility
  • Networking: IrDA, SDIO, USB


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