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Magellan CrossOver GPS System with Street & Topo Maps DISCONTINUED

Magellan CrossOver GPS System with Street & Topo Maps DISCONTINUED
Magellan CrossOver GPS System with Street & Topo Maps DISCONTINUEDMagellan CrossOver GPS System with Street & Topo Maps DISCONTINUED
Item No.980890-01
Retail Price:$549.99
Our Price:$349.99
ConditionNew Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)
ReturnableYes (See our Return Policy)
WarrantyTiger 30 Day, Manufacturer 1 Year
This item is currently out of stock


NOTE: This item has been discontinued by Magellan. Try a Garmin nuvi 500 (click here) instead, pre-loaded with both street and topographical maps for the United States.

Ever wish there was one unit that could guide you on the drive to the park, on the hike in the park, and up the river to the next park? Wish you had a 3.5" diagonal touch-screen with you on the mountain? Want text-to-speech automotive directions, traffic capability, and MP3 media features? Seek no further - Tiger GPS is proud to announce the Magellan RoadMate 2500T CrossOver GPS.

Now you can get full-featured GPS vehicle navigation plus outdoor GPS routing capabilities in the world's first pocket-sized CrossoverGPS at Tiger GPS. Simple touch-screen menus make it easy to select virtually any destination and get turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance on the road. Plus you can take it on your Saturday hike, mark waypoints along the way and save the route to go again next weekend. Detailed built-in street maps of North America and light topographic maps of North America mean you'll never be lost.

Add detailed regional topographic or marine maps (see right) via Secure Digital memory cards and navigate your outdoor adventures. The best-in-class battery offers up to 8 hours of use so you can search points of interest, plan trips, listen to music and view pictures from wherever you are.

Advanced auto navigation features include multi-destination routing, SmartDetour to route you around slow freeway traffic and SayWhere text-to-speech, which tells you both where to turn and the name of the street to turn on. Optional TrafficKit accessory makes it easy to avoid traffic with Real-time incident reports. (Subscription required for traffic reports only).

The sleek, rugged, and waterproof to IPX-4 design makes it easy to take it with you wherever your adventure takes you. The included SportsGuard provides added armor to enhance the Magellan RoadMate 2500T Travelers' rugged endurance during outdoor use. The slip-resistant protection and built-in lanyard hook make it easy to tackle the great outdoors.


  • CrossoverGPS expandable - Easily navigate the open road and the great outdoor. Pre-loaded with topographic maps of the 48 contiguous United States to help you navigate all your outdoor adventures.
  • Waterproof to IPX-4 - Don't worry if you get caught in the rain, it's sealed to IPX-4 standards.
  • Easy-to-use - Simple touch-screen menus and quick-entry features
  • Pocket-sized & Lightweight - Easily transfer between vehicles, pack it for a flight or carry it in your pocket (4.3" x 3.4" x 1.1") and 7.8 oz.
  • Traffic upgradeable - Get LIVE traffic incident reports when you add the Magellan TrafficKit. (Requires service subscription after introductory period)
  • Turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance - BE THERE quickly and safely
  • Rechargeable battery - Best in class battery for use up to 8 hours without access to power
  • SirfstarIII chip set for quick access to a satellite signal
  • SayWhere text-to-speech - Hear the street name of your next turn
  • Multi-destination Routing - Select up to 20 destinations
  • SmartDetour - Automatically routes you around sudden slow freeway traffic using your own custom settings
  • Built-in maps - Detailed street maps of United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and topographic maps of the 48 contiguous United States
  • Bird's-eye 3D view - Clearly see your surroundings
  • SD card compatible - Insert outdoor maps, MapSend® BlueNav marine maps, music and pictures
  • Digital Music Player - Play your favorite music through the integrated speaker or your own headphones
  • Photo Viewer - View your vacation pictures while you're still on vacation
  • Auto re-route - Never miss a turn and quickly get back on track whenever you take a detour
  • Auto night view - Adjusts color and contrast for easy night viewing
  • QuickSpell - Easily enter addresses with efficient auto-complete feature
  • 1.5 million points of interest (POI) - Easily find gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, airports, parks and more
  • Interactive POI icons - Touch an onscreen icon for a nearby destination; see phone number and get an instant route
  • 4 routing methods available - Shortest time, shortest distance, least use or most use of freeways, avoid toll roads
  • Address Book and Favorites List - Create and store personal points of interest to easily route to places you go to often
  • Instant locate - One touch shows your location; quickly advise roadside assistance or emergency services

The manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price (M.A.P.) is: $499.95.

Package Includes

What's in the Box?

  • Magellan CrossoverGPS receiver
  • Windshield mount and adhesive disk
  • Cigarette lighter power adapter (12-24 volts)
  • AC power adapter
  • USB data cable
  • Basic cradle
  • Magellan Tools CD-ROM
  • Quick reference guide, reference manual on CD-ROM

Tech Specs



  • Case High-impact plastic
  • Base Map Pre-loaded with detailed street maps of 50 United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and topographic coverage of the 48 contiguous United States
  • Size 3.4" H x 4.3" W x 1.1" D
  • Weight 8.5 oz. with Sport Guard 9.4 oz.
  • Display 3.5" color touch screen display, 2.11" x 2.81" (53.6mm x 71.5mm)
  • Memory 4 GB hard drive pre-loaded with maps of the 50 United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and topographic maps of the 48 contiguous states
  • Data Storage Unlimited / Secure Digital (SD) Card compatible
  • Antenna Built-in multidirectional patch
  • Operating Range 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C) Battery charging temperature 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)


  • Receiver 20 channels, SiRF Star III
  • Acquisition Time Hot: 1 second, Cold: 40 seconds, Initial: 5 minutes
  • Accuracy 3 to 5 meters (10 - 16 feet) - WAAS/EGNOS, < 7 meters (15 feet) - GPS only
  • Languages English


  • Source Li-Ion rechargeable 1900mA, 12 V AC or 12 vehicle adapter (sold separately)
  • Battery Life Over 8 hours continuous use


Over all pleased, April 11, 2008
Recenlty used this on a college road trip through New York state and Flordia with my daughter. The only place we got lost was Disneyworld while looking for our hotel. The address I had was not in the data base so could not program the Crossover exactlly. Otherwise, we dependened solely on the devise and never got lost. I need to learn how to navagate off-road since this is why I bought it in the first place, but the manual is not helpful for first time users.

Pleased overall, October 02, 2007
Overall pleased with how it performed but there were some areas in Labrador that it did not work.

Good Buy, August 14, 2007
Picked up this GPS before a week trip to New Jersey and New York. Charged it at home then took off the next day using car power. Had only one navigation error on the first three days. Was near my home and it wanted me to go right but it had to be left. Made the turn and GPS returned to correct routing. Knew I needed it when I asked my wife, who was following on a map, where are we on the map. "Somewhere in this jumble of roads." I knew the GPS better guide me.
Only other glitch was after some heavy overnight rains and heavy morning fog. Could not get the GPS to pick up a signal. About an hour later when the fog and haze lifted we were back in business. Restaurant and gas station info was helpful. Some new developments are not in the data base. Believe it is 18 to 24 months behind. Have not tried the marine maps yet.
Overall a good purchase.

Excellent Product minor flaws, April 09, 2007
I really like this unit and have no major complaints about it. It does its primary job very well.
Minor flaw: I was hopeful the .mp3 player/photo viewer would a) accept my mp3/photo files written on an SD card directly, it does not, you must write them througha PC on the software they provide which is slow. and b) the mp3 player can not play music files while navigating, its one or the other but not both.

Other notes: the Green color is a rubber band and removable, mine did not have the lanyard hole in the corner as pictured, there is no lanyard hole to speak of.
The display does not show a compass heading while mapping (in vehicle nav mode at least -not sure about marine and foot modes), however, you can touch the top of the screen to bring up a compass with a speedometer next to it along with next road ahead and last road past info, but the info is not available at first glance.
The GPS receiver works really fast at finding itself. The device turns itself on when plugged in to external power, which I like. Since my car energizes the lighter socket at startup, the unit turns on when I start the car.
The marine version looked good, but I haven't had it in my canoe yet. The Terrain mode worked effectively on my first test as well.
I didn't give it 5 stars solely because of the mp3 player limitation.

Only Minor Flaws, November 06, 2007
Barry Flachsbart
Overall, I enjoy using it and it performs pretty well. One minor irritation is that it will select a nearby address instead of the one you give it at times. For example, I entered (carefully) my home address and it changed it to my neighbor's address. No idea why -- and my address has existed for 46 years, so it's not a new one. It's done this for some other addresses that I enter -- changed to something else on the same block.

Found one flaw in streets -- one of the streets on the route to my house is listed under some other name, so the directions make no sense (but the turn directions and timing are correct -- just the street name). This street has existed for 40+ years, so it's not a new one, either.

I wish the hiking setting would also show City names instead of just streets -- we like to use it while taking train trips and really want to know the city rather than the nearest street (usually Main Street - but what city?). I suspect no GPS units do this, though.

Magellan CrossOver GPS System with Street & Topo Maps, November 17, 2007
Dan F
I bought the Magellan CrossOver GPS System with Street & Topo Maps to take some of the stress out of business travel. I have used it a few times with great success....no need to check maps or see signs. One time there was heavy fog which hid the road signs and it worked great! Can't wait to take it on a hike in the mountains to see how it works in that environment! Highly recommend it to others.

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- Gary, West Virginia
"Prompt shipment, great communication and a willingness to work for the customer. I would definitely highly recommend Tiger GPS!"
- Karen, California
"It arrived earlier than I expected. I also like the fact that I got e-mail from them confirming my order and giving me their contact info right away. It seemed personalized which I like."
- Stephen, Massachusetts
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- Wendy, Louisiana
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- Robert, New York
"No other site is willing to ship to a military APO address, and GPS is crucial out here. Great prices - thank you for supporting the troops."
- Edwin, USMC in Iraq
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