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Motorola DTR550 Digital On-Site Two-Way Radio (REBATE OFFER)

Motorola DTR550 Digital On-Site Two-Way Radio (REBATE OFFER)
Item No.MTO-0079
Manufacturer Part NumberDTR550
ConditionNew Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)
ReturnableYes (See our Return Policy)
WarrantyTiger 30 Day, Manufacturer 1 Year
IN STOCK (Ships Today until 3pm EST)
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Get $125 and a FREE Multi-Unit Charger ($200.00 value) with online-rebate for every 6 DTR Series radios purchased March 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015.

The Motorola DTR550 Digital On-Site Two-Way Radio represents a new and better way for small businesses to communicate, resulting in greater employee and business productivity. The DTR550 upgrades the popular DTR410 by adding Private Group Calling, VibraCall, up to 50 Public Groups, and optional Whip Antenna for extended range.

What's New?

The Motorola DTR550 portable features Enhanced Communication Options such as:

  • Digital One-to-Many Public Group Call
  • Digital One-to-One Calling Capability.
  • Private Group Calling
  • VibraCall

    What's Better?

    These portable Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios provide Enhanced Performance with:

  • Greater Coverage* - Up to 325,000 square feet or 28 floors
  • Longer Battery Life - Up to 14.5 hours per full charge
  • Digital Audio Quality - Loud, clear audio everywhere you have coverage

  • DTR550 coverage will vary based on terrain and conditions. All comparison claims made against CP100/XU2600 analog radio models. Optional high capacity battery will provide up to 19 hours per full charge.

  • Plus, unlike alternative technologies, there are no monthly fees with Motorola Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios. No service towers. No per minute charges.

    The Digital Difference

    Enhanced coverage, battery life, and audio quality aren't the only advantages of Motorola's new Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios. No license is required to operate Motorola 900 MHz units. And for enhanced security, Motorola added Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) with 50 non-overlapping groups. Unlike analog radios, multiple group communications can occur simultaneously on the same channel with Motorola Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios.

    In addition to these overall benefits, Motorola Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios allow you to take advantage of many leading-edge operational features that were never available previously.

    Because the digital technology of the Motorola DTR550 portable enables each unit to have its own unique 11-digit identification, you get a new level of radio communication versatility with these calling options: Digital One-to-Many Calling

  • Public Group Call. All other Motorola DTR Series radios on the same group ID and channel hear communications, similar to an analog radio operation.
  • Transmit ID. Receiving DTR Series radios display the radio ID of the transmitting unit and, if listed in the receiving radio's contact list, the transmitting unit's radio name.
  • Scroll List. Can display frequently used group and private IDs for easiest access on your Motorola DTR Series radio. You can view a recent-calls list, showing the source and target of the last 20 transmissions with the time and date information.
  • VibraCall. Alert gives you a gentle vibration notifying you of incoming transmissions.

    Motorola Radio Selection Chart

    Features CLS Series RDX Series DTR Series
    Use Daily Use by Staff Daily Industrial Use & Abuse Daily Industrial Use & Abuse
    Frequency Operation Business UHF Business UHF/VHF 900MHz Digital ISM
    Max. Two-Way Radio Talk Range (up to) 15 floors/ 200,000 sq. ft. 30 floors/ 350,000 sq. ft. 28 floors/ 325,000 sq. ft.
    Power 1 watt 2, 4, 5 watts 1 watt
    Meets Military Durability Specs No Yes Yes
    Weatherproof Rated No Yes Yes
    Dustproof Rated No Yes Yes
    Wind & Noise Reduction No Yes Yes
    # Channels Available Up to 4 channels Up to 16 channels Up to 50 Groups, 150 Contacts
    Repeater Capability No Yes (some models) No
    Rechargeable Battery Life (up to) 12 Hours 26 Hours (w/ optional battery) 14.5 Hours
    Weight 4.5 oz. 8.2 - 10.3 oz. 7.1 oz.
    Designed for Industries such as: Education, Retail, Hotel, Long Term Healthcare, Restaurants, and more! Construction, Warehousing, Property Management, Security, Electrical, Manufacturing Construction, Warehousing, Property Management, Security, Electrical, Manufacturing

    Motorola 2010-11 Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is better, VHF or UHF? UHF is best for indoors, outdoors and multi-story buildings; VHF is sufficient for outdoor use.

    How Many Channels Do I Need? One channel per work group. With multiple work groups, the managers use a multi-channel radio.

    Can RDX and CLS Radios Communicate With Other Radios? Yes, they are all compatible with other radios programmed to the same UHF/VHF frequencies and codes. RDX Series can be custom programmed to communicate with other radios.

    Are Radios Weatherproof and Dustproof? RDX Series radios are industrial grade, are made for harsh environments and are water and dust resistant. CLS Series are made for normal wear and tear.

    Are the CLP, CLS and RDX Series and the DTR Series Radios Narrow Banding Compliant? Yes, the CLP, CLS and RDX Series and DTR Series Radios are all FCC Narrow Banding Compliant.

    What is the Warranty? RDX Series, CLS Series, DTR Series and accessories have a one year, no hassle replacement warranty from date of purchase.

    What are Repeaters? Antennas that extend communication and distance between two-way radios. The RDU4100, RDU4160d, RDV5100, CLP and CLS Series radios can work with repeaters.

    What is My Payback Time? $8 per hour—save 30 minutes per day. A $200 radio pays back in 50 days.

    What's the difference between Motorola Business Class (CLP, CLS, RDU, RDV, DTR) radios and Consumer Class (Talkabout series) Radios?
    There are two major differences:

    1. Business radios operate on business exclusive frequencies and privacy codes to ensure a clear signal without interference.
    2. Business radios are made much more durable than consumer radios, and are tested in Motorola’s accelerated life testing lab. Consumer radios are not built to the same standards or put through such rigid testing. Consumer radios are built for infrequent use: weekend hunting trips, multiple car caravans, skiing, camping, amusement parks, etc. Because business radios are designed for years of daily use and abuse, the lifetime cost of the radio is less than a consumer/recreational radio.

    Glossary of Features

    • Alkaline Battery Backup Optional Alkaline Battery trays available for the RDX Series allows use in emergency situations or power outages.
    • Battery Meter Displays battery reserve status
    • Call Tones Pre-announced tone to capture attention of another user in high ambient noise areas
    • Cloning Settings of one radio can be copied to another; Requires optional multi-unit charger or cloning cable
    • Hi/Low Power Each channel may be programmed to operate on high power or low power
    • IP54 Weatherproofing Highly water and dust resistant
    • Manager Lockout Prevents users from changing radio settings
    • Mil Spec Design Design to meet military specifications and industrial use
    • Privacy Codes Minimize interference from third party conversations (cross talk)
    • Roger Beep Audible tone identifies that person transmitting has finished and that you may respond
    • Scan Monitor communication on multiple channels
    • Scramble Communicate privately with others; those without scramble will hear garbled audio
    • Signal Strength Indicator Receiving person can view if the person transmitting is near edge of communication range
    • VOX Communicate hands free when using an optional microphone/headset audio accessory
    • iVOX Communicate hands free without using audio accessories; Speak at the radio and it will transmit

    MPN: DTR550 UPC: 748091000089

  • Package Includes

    What's Included:

    • Motorola DTR550 Two-Way Radio
    • 1200 mAH Li-lon Battery
    • 3 hour plug-in wall charger
    • Drop-in charging tray
    • Swivel belt holster with 3" spring clip
    • User guide (on CD)
    • Warranty card

    Tech Specs

    Technical Specifications


    • Frequency 900 MHz ISM FHSS
    • Contact List Capacity 100 (Shared Group/Private)
    • Default Programming 5 Public Groups
    • Power Supply 3.8V ± 0.4V
    • Dimensions 132.3mm H x 57.2mm W x 35.4mm D (5.2" H x 2.3" W x 1.4" D)
    • Weight: with 1200 mAH Li-Ion Battery 200.2g (7.1oz.)
    • Average Battery Life @ 5-5-90 Duty Cycle: with 1200 mAH Li-Ion Battery 14.5 Hrs.
    • FCC Designation AZ489FT5842
    • IC Designation 109U-89FT5842


    • Sensitivity: (3% BER Sensitivity) -125 dBm
    • Frequency Stability: (-30º C to +60º C) ± 0.0005% (± 5PPM)
    • Spur Rejection 55 dB
    • Blocking Immunity:
    • Interferer from ±500 KHz to ±1 MHz 75 dB
    • Interferer from ±1MHz to ±15 MHz 80 dB
    • Audio Output @ < 5% Distortion 1W


    • RF Output 1W
    • Channel Spacing 50 kHz
    • Frequency Stability: (-30º C to +60º C) ± 0.0005% (± 5PPM)
    • Spurs/Harmonics 500 uV/m ( 3m)
    • Audio Response: (from 6 dB/oct.Premphasis, 300 to 30000 Hz) +1, -3 dB
    • Audio Distortion @ 1000 Hz, 60% Rated Max. Dev. < 3%
    • TX ACCPR -50 dBc
    • FCC Modulation 8-level FSK 900 MHz ISM FHSS


    Motorola's Accelerated Life Test (ALT) is a developmental process of rigorous laboratory testing that simulates years of field use. Motorola has a firm commitment to quality and reliability. These radios have been designed, manufactured, and tested to achieve high levels of component and workmanship quality. Motorola radios are designed to minimize costly repairs and downtime.

    All specifications subject to change without notice.


    Motorola Extended Range Whip Antenna for DTR550
    Motorola 53863 (HMN9039) Earpiece w/ Mic
    Motorola 53865 (HMN9038) Headset w/ Swivel Boom Microphone
    Motorola 53866 (HMN9025) Earbud w/ Clip-on Mic & PTT
    Motorola 53940 Earpiece w/ In-Line Clip-On
    Motorola 53960 Multi Unit Charger for Motorola DTR Series Radio
    Motorola 56518 Earpiece w/ Boom Microphone
    Motorola High Capacity Li-Ion Battery 1500 mAH for DTR Series
    Motorola Standard Capacity Li-Ion Battery 1200 mAH for DTR Series
    Motorola Replacement Holster with Swivel Belt Clip for DTR Series
    Motorola Standard Single Unit Charger for DTR Series
    Motorola AC Power Adapter for DTR Series (Charger Not Included)
    Motorola Lightweight Headset with Boom Microphone
    Retail Price:$249.00
    Our Price:$199.95
    Retail Price:$195.00
    Our Price:$133.95
    Motorola HCSN4000 D-Ring Earpiece with In-line Clip PTT Microphone
    Motorola RLN6423A Lightweight Swivel Earpiece w/ In-line Clip PTT Mic
    Motorola Lightweight Temple Transducer w/Clip PTT, In-line Microphone
    Motorola 1-Wire Surveillance Earpiece with In-line Clip PTT Microphone
    Motorola Radio to Radio Cloning Cable for DTR Series
    Motorola CPS Programming Cable for DTR Series
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