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TomTom GO 910 Automotive GPS Traffic Navigation System with Transatlantic Maps

TomTom GO 910 Automotive GPS Traffic Navigation System with Transatlantic Maps
Item No.1V00980
Retail Price:$499.95
Our Price:$429.95
ConditionNew Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)
ReturnableYes (See our Return Policy)
WarrantyTiger 30 Day, Manufacturer 2 Year
This item is currently out of stock


NOTE: This item has been discontinued by TomTom. Check out the TomTom GO 920 (click here) instead, which has updated maps and a wider screen!

How do you improve on the ultimate automotive luxury necessity? You purchase the latest GO model from TomTom, of course!

The brand new TomTom GO 910 at Tiger GPS represents the ultimate step up in personal automotive GPS navigation. Based on the highly popular TomTom GO 700 and GO 300, the GO 910 and GO 510 are bigger, better, more powerful, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Well, maybe not the last thing. Yet.

The TomTom GO 910 and TomTom GO 510 feature a four-inch screen for even easier viewability, updated maps and software, and text-to-speech routing instructions. The GO 910 features a 20 GB hard drive with 16GB free space for downloading MP3s and an industry-first Trans-Atlantic Map with full turn-by-turn directions for all of the United States, Canada, and Europe - good-to-go and fully unlocked, right out of the box!

Name a feature you're looking for in a GPS system - the GO 910 and 510 have it. The brand-new SIRFStarIII chipset gives you almost instantaneous satellite pick-up and reception in any environment, even in urban canyons. Using the PC to manage your routes and maps is a snap - you get free TomTom HOME software in the box at Tiger GPS. In addition, TomTom has created a special cradle with AC and USB ends, so you can charge your unit and/or connect to the PC easily and instantly. The new TomTom GOs also connect to your iPod, so you can share music and files between them.

Another important new feature is text-to-speech. The older GO's were renowned for the quality and clarity of their voices, and now these voices provide in-depth directions and street names. Before, John Cleese would have said "Beaver right, then left." Now, he'll say "Beaver right on Main Street and make the first left on Mulberry Lane."

Speaking of Mr. Cleese, the TomTom GO 910 and GO 510 also bring back an improved hands-free calling functionality with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, as well as the same great TomTom PLUS service you've already been experiencing.

TomTom GO 910 Overview:

Easy to use: Extra wide 4" LCD touchscreen gives you smart design and easy to use navigation literally at your fingertips.

Maps of the USA, Canada and Europe on hard disk: Door-to-door navigation across Europe, the USA and Canada.

Clear spoken instructions, including street and place names: The TomTom GO 910 features text-to-speech, which means that it can announce street and place names and even read out SMS messages. The TomTom GO 910 speaks some 36 languages in over 50 different voices.

Hands-free calling: Doubles as a hands-free car kit using Bluetooth technology. So you can make & receive calls as you drive with just a touch of the screen.

Smart extras: Built-in Mp3 player; 20 Gb (12 Gb free) of hard disk, enough for 1000s of songs and pictures; remote control; and much more.

Door-to-door planning across the USA, Canada, and Europe

All the newest TeleAtlas maps are installed on a 20 Gb hard disk as one seamless map, allowing you to find your way to any address in the USA, Canada or Europe.

Coverage: All American and Canadian States (incl. Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico,) Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal

TomTom GO 910 - Full feature list

Easy to use:

  • Plug & GO: Works straight out of the box.
  • Portable: Easy to take from car to car.
  • Touchscreen: Easy to operate. And no awkward buttons!
  • Extra wide LCD screen: 4 inch high quality LCD screen with crystal-clear 3D graphics, 480x272 pixels and 64,000 colors. For optimal visibility.
  • Intuitive user interface: Combined with the large touchscreen, it gives you the perfect navigation experience.
  • Anti-glare screen: Always gives an optimal view, even in direct sunlight.
  • High quality Li-Ion battery: Long lasting; 4 hour battery life.
  • High quality speaker: Get voice instructions and enjoy songs and hands-free phone calls with remarkable sound quality at the volume you want.
  • High sensitive SiRF Star 3 GPS receiver: Ensures a quick GPS fix and optimal and accurate reception.
  • Car speed linked volume: Built-in microphone notes the noise level in the car and adjusts the volume of voice instructions accordingly.
  • Customizable status bar: Improve readability by customizing your status bar to show only the information you need.
  • Tip feature: Discover everything your GO has to offer with useful on-screen tips.
  • Extensive guided tour: Pick up features quickly and get the most out of your TomTom GO from the start.
  • Start-up configuration: Customize how and where your GO opens up when you turn it on: last location, with a slideshow or your preferred chosen menu.
  • Extensive preferences: From temperature (C/F) to air pressure (Pascal or Mbar), and more.

Best routes:

  • The latest and most complete maps: Detailed maps of the USA, Canada and Europe, all pre-installed on a 20 GB hard disk. Allowing you seamless door-to-door navigation throughout these regions without having to switch maps.
  • Route choice: Plan your route to fit your requirements, such as: quickest, shortest, and avoiding toll roads, by required arrival time, etc.
  • View routes: Preview and test your TomTom's proposed route before you set off.
  • Itinerary planning: Program in the schedule of places you want to visit before you leave the house.
  • Fast re-routing: Miss a turn or instruction and your TomTom instantly recalculates your route from your current location.
  • Easy location search and selection: Choose how you want to define your destination: street & house number, postcode (UK & NL only), city center or intersection.
  • Points of Interest: Restaurant, parking garage, movie theater or gas station. Search by proximity to current location, on your route, near a specific city, etc.

Clear instructions:

  • Huge choice: TomTom GO 910 speaks 36 languages in over 50 different voices.
  • Realistic visual instructions: Visuals on your GO replicate road signs, making them easier to follow.
  • TMC support: Access free TMC traffic information via your GO. (Optional TomTom RDS/TMC traffic receiver required.)
  • Compass: Displays compass on screen, for even better orientation.
  • Hands-Free Calling and Hi-Fi audio:
  • High quality connection: Echo cancellation and noise reduction give you excellent sound quality.
  • External microphone: To optimize the quality of your voice when you use your TomTom GO for hands-free calling.
  • Automatic pick-up: Can automatically answer your phone calls, for improved safety and comfort.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connect your GO to your mobile phone, headset, car speakers or headphones hassle-free with Bluetooth technology.

Smart extras:

  • 20 GB hard disk: With 12 Gb free, TomTom GO 910 has enough space for 1000s of your songs, photos and more besides.
  • mp3 player: Play your stored music and audiobooks on the built-in mp3 player through the high quality GO speaker or via your car stereo, and even manage your music using the ingenious TomTom Jukebox.
  • iPod control: Connect your iPod to your GO to operate it via your GO 910 touchscreen and enjoy mp3s or Podcasts through the high quality speaker or via your car stereo. TomTom GO 910 supports the iPod 3rd and higher generation (except the iPod®Shuffle).
  • Speaker options: TomTom GO 910's high quality speaker is perfect for listening to music or voice instructions. But you can also connect your GO to the car stereo using the audio cable we provide. Or use Bluetooth technology to connect your GO wirelessly to your car stereo, headphones or external speakers.
  • Text-to-speech: TomTom GO 910 can announce street and place names and even read you out your text messages on compatible phones. (Text-to-speech is currently supported in 8 languages: German, UK English, US English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.)
  • Remote control: You or a passenger can operate your GO from anywhere in the car. Making your journey easier and safer.
  • Home dock: Our easy-to-use home dock is the smart way to download from your pc or Mac, upgrade your GO and manage your files, all while automatically charging your device.
  • TomTom HOME: Use TomTom HOME software in combination with the home dock to manage the files on your device (songs, photos, maps, etc), get new updates, plan and schedule journeys on your pc or Mac in advance, and much more.
  • Buddies: Find, invite and add friends to your GO. And even send each other text messages while you're on the road.
  • Photos: Load, store and preview photos from your digital camera. So when you're not navigating, you can enjoy a slide show of your favorite shots.
  • Quick GPS fix: If you use your TomTom GO in combination with TomTom HOME, your GO will download information about where the GPS satellites are going to be for the next 24 hours. With this information, your GO will be able to find your current position very quickly when it is first switched on. Click here for more info.
  • Fleet management: Professional users can also use their GO 910 for business or fleet management purposes. For more information, click here.

TomTom PLUS (Subscription):

  • TomTom GO 910 comes ready for a wide range of TomTom PLUS services and downloads, including:
  • Real-time traffic & road condition information: Traffic jam alerts with the best alternative route and road condition warnings that help you put safety first. Free trial*, click here for offer and availability.
  • Real-time traffic: Up-to-the-minute traffic information, jam alerts and road condition warnings.
  • Real-time weather reports: A real-time overview of the weather before you leave, including 5-day forecasts for the place you're going.
  • Safety cameras: Receive and report alerts when there are safety cameras coming up, fixed or mobile.
  • Maps: City, national and regional maps. Just download the areas you need.
  • Voices: Download funny and famous voices to bring variety and fun to your journey.
  • POIs: 1000s of extra POIs are downloadable.
  • Buddies: Locate your friends. Instant messaging and navigation merge together.
  • Audiobooks: Famous narrators will read the latest best selling books, magazines and newspapers to you.
  • And much more: For more information on what is available and how it all works, click here.


  • TomTom is committed to make driving more safely on the roads. Our navigation systems encourage you to get from A to B as safely as possible:
  • Light sensor: Screen adjusts itself to different light circumstances, ensuring maximum visibility, day or night.
  • Clear & accurate spoken and visual instructions: Easy to follow, calm instructions given with plenty of notice mean that you can focus on your driving.
  • Speeding alert: Alerts you that you're speeding, even if you're not in navigation mode.
  • Hands-free car kit: TomTom GO 910 doubles as a hands-free car kit using Bluetooth® technology. So you can make & receive calls as you drive via your touchscreen.
  • Pre-installed Safety Cameras database: The most up-to-date available list of safety cameras is pre-installed on your GO. Click here for more information.

TomTom GO 910 / GO 510 /ONE Feature Comparison

GO 910 GO 510 ONE XL ONE
Diagonal Screen Size 4" 4" 4.3" 3.5"
CPU, RAM 400 MHz, 60MB 400 MHz, 60MB 266 MHz, 32MB 266 MHz, 32MB
Maps US, Canada & Europe US & Canada US & Canada US & Canada
Hands-Free Calling Yes Yes No No
MP3 and audiobook players Yes No No No
Audio line out cable Yes No No No
Slideshow viewer Yes No No No
Text-to-speech technology Yes No No No
PLUS services Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPod control cable Accessory Accessory No No
Storage 20 GB HD 1 GB Flash SD card 1 GB Flash SD card 1 GB Flash SD card
SiRF Star III GPS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic light sensor Yes Yes No No
Home dock and TomTom HOME software Yes Yes Yes Download
New design windshield mount Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional external microphone Yes Yes No No
Remote Control Yes Accessory No No
Price $499.95 $399.95 $399.95 $299.95

Package Includes

Box Contents

1. TomTom GO 910. Extra wide touch-sensitive LCD screen, power (On/Off) button, release button (for removing TomTom GO 910 from its docking).
2. Remote control. So you can operate your TomTom GO from anywhere in the car.

3. Carry case. To store your TomTom GO when it's not in your vehicle.

4. Home dock. For easy connection of your GO to your pc or Mac and charging your GO in the convenience of your house or hotel. Comes with docking, USB cable and home charger with several international pin adapters, for use anywhere in the world (when using an adaptor, please make sure it stays cool by placing it in a ventilated area).

5. Car charger. 12-24V cigarette lighter adapter that can also be used in trucks. So you can charge your GO even as you drive.

6. Windshield dock. To attach your TomTom to your windshield.

7. External microphone. To optimize the quality of your voice when you use your GO for hands-free calling.

8. Audio cable. For connecting your GO to your car stereo.

9. Documentation pack. Contains quick start guide, accessory leaflet and cd.

10. Product code card. For registation of your unit online at www.tomtom.com

Tech Specs

Technical specifications

  • 4.0" widescreen WQVGA screen (480x272 pixels, 64,000 colors)
  • CPU 400 MHz
  • RAM 64MB
  • Lithium-Ion battery (4 hours operation)
  • 20Gb Hard disk
  • High sensitivity SiRF Star 3 GPS chipset
  • Dimensions: 4.2" x 3.1" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 12 OZ

Supported languages

The user interface/application comes in the following languages:

Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, UK English, US English, French, Italian, Spanish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Flemish, Slovakian, Catalan and Hungarian.

Spoken navigation instructions come in the following languages:

Flemish, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Danish, German, Estonian, UK English, US English, Australian, English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Thai, Catalan, Croatian, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish.

Text-to-speech comes in the following languages:

German, UK English, US English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese


TomTom GO 910 Automotive GPS Traffic Navigation System, May 23, 2007
sweet unit. We are going to use it alot

Works out of the Box, May 03, 2007
Outstanding - particularly when you can buy cmpeting items at a much higher price. Works out of the box in Europe and North America. We live off a dirt road (unnamed) and TT had no problem navigating to our driveway.

Many nice features such as a higlighted turning lane to guid you through complex manouveurs.

910, April 14, 2007
The unit is excellent in Europe but in the US the maps are not accurate. They are sometimes off by as much as 1/4 mile. In the UK and the Neterlands the postal code routing is excellent and in the rest of Europe the maps seem to be quite accurate. I have also had difficulty getting the 910 to communicate with my mobile phone, the bluetooth connection works for calls but not for text messages and I am unable to download my phonebook.

Great Product for Europe, November 04, 2007
I purchased this to use in Europe while driving around and it was awesome. straight out of the box just plug it in and you are ready to go. Its super easy to use without even reading the instructions. And becuase it also works in the US I will take it with me on trips back to the US.

PERFORMANCE, November 15, 2007
Jack Ruffing
Works great

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