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TomTom Navigator 5 Wired GPS for Pocket PCs DISCONTINUED

TomTom Navigator 5 Wired GPS for Pocket PCs DISCONTINUED
Item No.1H00081
Retail Price:$199.95
Our Price:$173.59
ConditionNew Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)
ReturnableYes (See our Return Policy)
WarrantyTiger 30 Day, Manufacturer 1 Year
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NOTE: This part replaces 1H00.050, the old version of TomTom Navigator Wired for PDAs.

NOTE 2: You'll need a TomTom Navigator Car Kit to mount and power your Navigator bundle. Car kits contain a universal windshield mount, glove fit PDA bracket and cigarette lighter power adapter. See the kits that are available on the right or by clicking here.

Looking to save some money? Not on the Bluetooth bandwagon? Don't worry, you can still turn your PDA into a Personal Navigation System with the TomTom Navigator 5 Wired GPS for Pocket PCs. You get all the great features of TomTom Navigator 5, in an affordable and easy-to-use package.


  • A choice of routes: Quickest, shortest or avoiding toll roads
  • Easy to use: Simple touch screen operation, intuitive interface
  • Contact Navigation: Navigate directly from your PDA address book integrating TomTom software into the PDA menu
  • View route: Review and test the calculated route before you actually start driving


  • Dynamic status bar: Improve readability by customizing the status bar
  • Tip feature: Discover everything TomTom Navigator 5 has to offer through useful onscreen tips
  • Extensive guided tour: View all the features quickly and get the maximum out of your TomTom Navigator 5
  • Multilingual: Voice instructions spoken in more than 30 languages, in both male and female voices. User interface now includes 18 languages
  • Millions of points of interest: Parking, gas stations, hotels, restaurants etc. with a possibility for an automatic alert option as you approach
  • Compass mode available: Displays a compass on screen for even more orientation while driving


  • Ready for more? TomTom PLUS services offer you traffic and weather information, as well as downloadable additional voices, points of interest and much more.

Box Contents:

1. Serial GPS Receiver
2. Installation poster showing how to install TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 on your PDA.

3. CD set containing a full user manual, application & maps of the United States and Canada

4. Quick start guide

5. Product code card (You should use it to activate your navigation software online at www.ttcode.com)


Dell Axim X3, Axim X30, Axim X3i, Axim X5

HP iPAQ H2210, iPAQ H2215, iPAQ H3970, iPAQ H4150, iPAQ H4350, iPAQ H5455, iPAQ H5550, iPAQ H5555, IPAQ HX2110, iPAQ HX2190, IPAQ HX2410, iPAQ HX2490, IPAQ HX2750, iPAQ HX2790, iPAQ HX4700, iPAQ RX1950, iPAQ RX3715, iPAQ RZ1710

TomTom Navigator 5 FAQs

Q: What's the difference between the TomTom Navigator 5 and TomTom Navigator 2004 USA?
A: The TomTom Navigator 5 features myriad improvements over the old model. These include a simpler, more user-friendly interface; enhanced navigation with new routing options and itinerary planning; a new and improved TeleAtlas map set; traffic, weather and John Cleese with optional TomTom Plus service; and last but not least, a brand-new receiver with more power, range and battery life than the others.

Q: What is TomTom Plus?
A: TomTom is offering optional Plus service for all Navigator 5 owners. For a small monthly fee, TomTom Plus subscribers are entitled to traffic and weather data, map updates, POI updates, new voices in all languages, and more!

Q: Why is my TomTom Navigator 5 so much cheaper at Tiger GPS than at other websites?
A: We are the leading online retailer for TomTom, so we buy in huge quantities, which allows us to bring you TomTom products at reduced prices.

Q: I heard that the TomTom Navigator has a radically different method for address entry.
A: The TomTom Navigator has the same auto-complete features found in other devices and programs. The difference is that the TomTom Navigator allows you to enter your state and city before the street address, so it will narrow the search database and give you faster results. It also has contact navigation.

Q: Huh? What's contact navigation?
A: Contact Navigation allows to you directly navigate from your PDA address book.

Q: Do I need a mounting kit for my TomTom Navigator 5?
A: Yes. The car kits featured on the right are designed to hold and power your Navigator 5 Wired GPS solution. The Navigator 5 wired will NOT work without one.

Q: Will TomTom Navigator 5 work in Europe?
A: Absolutely. You can download TomTom Maps of Western Europe to your PDA for navigation in 16 European countries.

Q: Will TomTom Navigator 5 work in Canada?
A: Yes. The Navigator 5 software includes all of the United States AND Canada.

Q: How much memory do I need in my PDA for TomTom Navigator 5?
A: You'll need at least 64MB to cover a region for the European maps; for North America, map breakdowns vary by state or province. A single state could require anywhere from 2MB (i.e. Delaware) to 74MB (i.e. Texas). If you need a Delkin CF or SD flash card, see the Tiger GPS Extra Memory section.

Q: Does the TomTom Navigator 5 support multiple-point routes, vias, road avoidances and itineraries?
A: You bet your sweet eustachius it does. Plan out your day's worth of stops, stay off of toll roads, and other such preferences.

Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
A: TomTom proudly presents celebrity navigation in the form of longtime TV and film star John Cleese. Mr. Cleese will take you where you need to go in his unmistakably British, irresistibly irreverent style. You can purchase the voice download by clicking here.


3D Navigation View
The vivid 3D navigation view allows you to better understand your current position as well view any upcoming actions and points of interest.

TomTom Navigator provides you with uncluttered maps, easy-to-use controls, and crystal clear on-screen directions as well as verbal instructions.

Night View
TomTom Navigator has a special low-glare night display setting. This setting provides color schemes that are significantly easier for the eye to adjust to from the dark conditions of night driving.

You can select between different color styles suitable for night-time driving depending on your personal preferences.

Route Recalculation
Never be late again with the Navigator roadblock feature. This allows instant re-routing around any unexpected obstacles you encounter on your journey.

You can avoid anything from traffic congestion, roadwork, accidents or anything that might impede your progress. And if there is a road you particularly dislike travelling along, you can block that too!

Points of Interest
In an unfamiliar location, but need to find a gas station, restaurant, parking facility or shop? Let TomTom Navigator for Palm be your tour guide. Simply click on the icon and TomTom Navigator will lead the way. Choose from thousands of points of interest in more than 50 categories.
Type of routes
Even more flexibility in your route planning: you can choose the type of route you want, whether it's the shortest, the fastest, or one that avoids road charges.
2D Map View
TomTom Navigator USA features the very latest digital maps of the USA and Canada from Tele Atlas and are viewable in a 2D or 3D manner.

These maps give you comprehensive coverage of America and Canada, and even includes islands. However, despite containing more information than ever, they don't take up more memory thanks to the latest memory-saving techniques.

"TomTom Navigator 5 FAQs" Copyright © 2005 TigerGPS.com, Ltd. All rights reserved.


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