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Garmin City Navigator NT North America Pre-Programmed Data Card

Garmin City Navigator NT North America Pre-Programmed Data Card
Item No.GRM-0716
Manufacturer Part Number010-11551-00
ConditionNew Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)
ReturnableYes (See our Return Policy)
WarrantyTiger 30 Day, Manufacturer 1 Year
IN STOCK (Ships Today until 3pm EST)


Garmin's City Navigator NT North America now comes on pre-programmed microSD card with SD adapter for ultimate convenience. Simply pop the card into your unit and you're good-to-go! Premium maps contain full coverage throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico including metropolitan and rural areas. Includes detailed maps containing highways, interstates, business and residential roads with attributes such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and other navigation features. Displays nearly 8 million points of interest such as: food and drink, lodging, attractions, entertainment, shopping, emergency services, post offices, camp grounds, movie theaters and more. Will automatically create point-to-point on compatible Garmin units.

Features include:

  • Provides nearly 8 million points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, parking, entertainment, fuel and shopping.
  • Includes new extended coverage for Mexico.
  • Includes highways, interstates, and business and residential roads in metropolitan and rural areas.
  • Includes turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories.
  • Gives turn-by-turn directions.
  • Includes postal code support for Canada.
  • Contains traffic data for compatible devices with traffic receivers.
  • Speaks street names on certain units (example: "Turn right on Main Street.").

Coverage Map:

Garmin City Navigator North America

Works with the following Garmin models:

Astro 220, Astro 320, Colorado 300, Colorado 400c, Colorado 400i, Colorado 400t, Dakota 20, dezl 560LMT, dezl 560LT, Edge 705, Edge 800, eTrex Legend Cx, eTrex Legend HCx, eTrex Summit HC, eTrex Venture Cx, eTrex Vista Cx, eTrex Vista HCx, eTrex 20, eTrex 30, G60, GPSMAP 60CSx, GPSMAP 60Cx, GPSMAP 62, GPSMAP 620, GPSMAP 62s, GPSMAP 62sc, GPSMAP 62st, GPSMAP 62stc, GPSMAP 640, GPSMAP 76CSx, GPSMAP 76Cx, GPSMAP 78, GPSMAP 78s, GPSMAP 78sc, GVN 52, GVN 53, iQue M4, Montana 600, Montana 650, Montana 650t, nuLink! 1695, nuvi 1100, nuvi 1100LM, nuvi 1200, nuvi 1250, nuvi 1260T, nuvi 1300, nuvi 1300LM, nuvi 1350, nuvi 1350LMT, nuvi 1350T, nuvi 1360, nuvi 1370T, nuvi 1390LMT, nuvi 1390T, nuvi 1450, nuvi 1450LM, nuvi 1450LMT, nuvi 1450T, nuvi 1490LMT, nuvi 1490T, nuvi 1690, nuvi 200, nuvi 200W, nuvi 205, nuvi 205W, nuvi 2200, nuvi 2250, nuvi 2250LT, nuvi 2300, nuvi 2300LM, nuvi 2350, nuvi 2350LMT, nuvi 2350LT, nuvi 2360LMT, nuvi 2360LT, nuvi 2370LT, nuvi 2450, nuvi 2450LM, nuvi 2455LMT, nuvi 2455LT, nuvi 2460LMT, nuvi 2460LT, nuvi 2475LT, nuvi 2495LMT, nuvi 250, nuvi 250W, nuvi 255, nuvi 2555LMT, nuvi 2555LT, nuvi 255W, nuvi 2595LMT, nuvi 260, nuvi 260W, nuvi 265T, nuvi 265WT, nuvi 270, nuvi 275T, nuvi 285WT, nuvi 295W, nuvi 30, nuvi 3450, nuvi 3450LM, nuvi 3490LMT, nuvi 350, nuvi 360, nuvi 370, nuvi 3750, nuvi 3760LMT, nuvi 3760T, nuvi 3790LMT, nuvi 3790T, nuvi 40, nuvi 40LM, nuvi 465LMT, nuvi 465T, nuvi 50, nuvi 500, nuvi 5000, nuvi 50LM, nuvi 550, nuvi 600, nuvi 610, nuvi 650, nuvi 660, nuvi 670, nuvi 680, nuvi 750, nuvi 755T, nuvi 760, nuvi 765T, nuvi 770, nuvi 775T, nuvi 780, nuvi 785T, nuvi 850, nuvi 855, nuvi 880, nuvi 885T, Oregon 200, Oregon 300, Oregon 400c, Oregon 400i, Oregon 400t, Oregon 450, Oregon 450t, Oregon 550, Oregon 550t, Rino 520HCx, Rino 530HCx, Rino 610, Rino 650, Rino 655t, StreetPilot 7200, StreetPilot 7500, StreetPilot c310, StreetPilot c320, StreetPilot c330, StreetPilot c340, StreetPilot c510, StreetPilot c530, StreetPilot c550, StreetPilot c580, StreetPilot i2, StreetPilot i3, StreetPilot i5, zumo 220, zumo 450, zumo 550, zumo 660, zumo 665.

PLEASE NOTE: Part # 010-11551-00 replaced part # 010-10679-50.

MPN: 010-11551-00 UPC: 753759105778


Canada, February 12, 2009
this is great.....(e)

Garmin City Navigator, September 30, 2007
Vicki Gustafson
This is a great program. It is great being able to put an address in and go too it.

Garmin City Navigator MicroSD Card, July 31, 2007
I orderd the City Navigator NT North America pre-programmed MicroSD card for my vacation trip to Arizona. Detail and info was great. I recommend anyone going on a road trip to have this info with them. TIGER GPS was prompt in sending my order in time for vacation. Would recommend them to anyone.

garmin city navigator, June 18, 2007
This card has made my legend cx easier to use for routing for autos & motorcycles. It expanded my usage of my gps.

city navigator NT, May 31, 2007
Jack Karr
Excellent program

"Great selection, unbeatable prices, fast shipping. I am extremely happy with Tiger GPS and am recommending them to everyone I know."
- Gary, West Virginia
"Prompt shipment, great communication and a willingness to work for the customer. I would definitely highly recommend Tiger GPS!"
- Karen, California
"It arrived earlier than I expected. I also like the fact that I got e-mail from them confirming my order and giving me their contact info right away. It seemed personalized which I like."
- Stephen, Massachusetts
"The most informative site I have come across. Prices are amazing too - not sure why you would shop for GPS anywhere else."
- Wendy, Louisiana
"These guys know their stuff. They answer their phone right away, and the knowledgeable reps helped me pick the right GPS and even saved me some money!"
- Robert, New York
"No other site is willing to ship to a military APO address, and GPS is crucial out here. Great prices - thank you for supporting the troops."
- Edwin, USMC in Iraq
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