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Garmin iQue GPS-Enabled PDA Comparison Guide

Name MSRP Screen Size Processor Speed & OS Features
iQue M5 $749.99 3.5" Diag 400 MHz, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition 64 MB RAM, 15MB of Safe Storage, Bluetooth, SDIO, IrDA, USB Compatible, SD/MMC Slot, Removable Battery
iQue m4 $749.99 3.5" Diag 312 MHz, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Pre-loaded with 3D maps, SiRFstarIII GPS Receiver, 64 MB RAM, SDIO, IrDA, USB Compatible, SD/MMC Slot
iQue M3 $533.32 3.5" Diag. 312 MHz, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition 3D Maps, 64 MB RAM, 2MB of Safe Storage, SDIO, IrDA, USB Compatible, SD/MMC Slot, Single Route Storage Only
iQue 3600 $589.27 3.8" Diag. 200 MHz, Palm OS 5.2.1 Garnet 32 MB RAM, SD/MMC Slot
iQue 3200 $535.70 3" Diag. 200 MHz, Palm OS 5.2.1 Garnet 32 MB RAM, SDIO, USB Compatible, SD/MMC Slot, Graffiti Pad
iQue 3000 $426.65 3" Diag 200 MHz, Palm OS 5.2.1 Garnet 3D Maps, 32 MB RAM, MicroSD Slot, Graffiti Pad, IrDA, USB Compatible

Garmin iQue FAQs & Chart Explanation

So what are the differences between the different iQues, really? What do all these terms mean?

The biggest difference between the Garmin iQue Mx series and iQue 3xxx series at Tiger GPS is that the Mx run on a Windows Mobile platform, while the 3xxx use the Palm Garnet OS. The iQue Mx all have 3.5" screens, while the screen size in the iQue 3xxx varies. If you already have a PDA, you'll probably want to pick the iQue with the OS you're familiar with.

The iQue M5 has the fastest processor and is the only iQue with a removable rechargeable battery and built-in Bluetooth chip. The iQue M4's big advantages are that it has the new SiRFstarIII GPS receiver and is pre-loaded with 3D maps for all of North America. On any other iQue, you have to load your maps into either the internal memory (which is severely limited) or buy additional memory cards (click here). The iQue M3 displays 3D maps but has only single-route memory, much like a StreetPilot c320. The iQue Mx series also have a headphone jack, mp3 player, and the option to view maps in either vertical or horizontal mode.

The iQue 3600 features the largest screen with the highest resolution of the iQue series, clocking in at 3.8" diagonal with 480 x 320 pixel resolution. The iQue 3200 adds the Graffiti Pad feature (the "scribble-space" below the screen), which many people find useful, but that cuts the screen size down to a 3" diagonal. The new iQue 3000 keeps the Graffiti Pad and adds 3D maps, plus the headphone jack and mp3 player of the Mx series. The iQue 3000 uses MicroSD expandable memory, however, NOT the SD Flash of the other iQues. You can find both memory types in the Tiger GPS Extra Memory section.

SDIO means that you can add not only memory to the SD card slot but adapters as well, such as those for internet access, Bluetooth, or network hubs. Bluetooth and IrDA are wireless data transfer standards that allow you to interface your PDA with other similarly enabled devices.

So which iQue is right for you? If you still need help selecting, you can email us at info@tigergps.com and have an official Tiger GPS customer service rep steer you in the right direction.

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