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Garmin Marine Guide 2006

Garmin announced almost 20 new marine products in late March, all of which are now available. These include new BlueChart g2 and lots of choices in chartplotters and sounders. With that in mind, Tiger GPS is providing answers to all of your Garmin-marine related questions.

Q: What is BlueChart g2?
A: The new Garmin BlueChart g2 has a much smoother presentation on the plotter display, because the charts are electronically layered. It has all the detail of traditional BlueChart, but with additional functions like an optional 3D perspective, and tides and currents overlaid on the chart. Additional enhancements include general coastal road detail, marine services information, and improved IALA navigational symbols. Other chart features include shaded depth contours, port plans, wrecks, restricted areas, and more. Garmin BlueChart g2 is compatible with all the new models, including the GPSMAP 292 and 298, the GPSMAP 392 and 398, the GPSMAP 492 and 498, as well as the GPSMAP 2100 series, GPSMAP 2200 series, and GPSMAP 3200 series. Current owners of the GPSMAP 3005C, 3006C, and 3010C can also use g2 data cards in their system. Older models will NOT be compatible with BlueChart g2; however, the new models may still use old BlueCharts. For more information on BlueChart g2, click here.

Q: What are the differences between the GPSMAP 492/392/292 and GPSMAP 498/398/298?
A: The GPSMAP 492/392/292 are GPS chartplotters; the GPSMAP 498/398/298 are GPS/sonar combination units. You save both money and space by getting both GPS and sonar in a single unit on the 498/398/298. If you don't want or need sonar, then you should get a 492/392/292.

Q: What are the differences between the GPSMAP 49x, 39x and 29x series?
A: All these units are compact color chartplotters with 5" diagonal screens and new CANet capability. The 492 and 498 are pre-loaded with BlueChart g2 data for the entire coastline (east and west) of the United States. This makes them the ideal choice for anyone doing their boating on the ocean or in the Great Lakes. Inland lake data and international data can be purchased as well. The 392 and 398 are loaded with inland lake data for the United States, and BlueChart g2 coastal charts and international charts can be purchased separately. This makes the 392 and 398 the choice for boaters in smaller lakes across the country. The 292 and 298 have only the basemap loaded, but accept all additional forms of BlueChart Cartography. The 292 and 298 are best bets, then, for people with either a small coverage area or people who will be using the chartplotter in international waters.

Q: What is CANet?
A: Garmin's new CANet is a one-megabit Controller Area Network that allows users to connect their unit to one of the new GPSMAP 200, 300, or 400-series chartplotters. This allows boaters to read sonar displays on chartplotters located elsewhere in the boat.

Q: What's this I hear about UltraScroll?
A: To help freshwater anglers better pinpoint fish, Garmin now offers Ultrascroll, which allows boaters to get a much faster refresh rate on their sonar display. The new line of units also have improved performance in shallow water - as little as a foot deep - that makes it easier to determine depth, structure, and fish targets. Auto gain, as well as user adjustable gain, is also standard on all of Garmin's new fishfinders.

Q: What are the differences between the GPSMAP 3210, 3206, 3205, 2210, 2206, 2110 and 2106?
A: The 32xx chartplotters are multi-function network displays. In addition to being pre-loaded with BlueChart g2, you can connect sonar, radar, XM weather, and multiple displays to these units. The 3210 has a 10" diagonal screen, the 3206 has a 6.4" diagonal screen, and the 3205 has 5" diagonal screen and slightly fewer network features. The 2000 series lacks the networking features of the 3000. You can connect sonar via a GSD module, but that's it. The 2210 has a 10" diagonal screen and the 2206 has a 6.4" diagonal screen, and both are pre-loaded with BlueChart g2. The 2110 has a 10" diagonal screen and the 2106 has a 6.4" diagonal screen, and these have only the basemap, although they are BlueChart g2 compatible.

Q: What is the difference between the GSD 20, 21 and 22?
The GSD 21 is an analog depthsounder blackbox module and will essentially replace the GSD 20. It supports CANet and the Garmin Marine network. The GSD 22 is a new digital depthsounder, the first Garmin sonar unit in its class. The GSD 22 is the highest-powered sonar available from Garmin. All GSD models require a transducer, which you can find here.

Q: So which new Garmin GPS unit is for me?
A: It depends on a number of factors, including boat size and price range. Below is a chart to help:

Name MSRP Screen Size Map Detail Other Features
GPSMAP 3210 2665.65 10" diag Full g2 Networking
GPSMAP 3206 2133.32 6.4" diag Full g2 Networking
GPSMAP 3205 1173.32 5" diag Full g2 Networking
GPSMAP 2210 2133.32 10" diag Full g2
GPSMAP 2206 1706.65 6.4" diag Full g2
GPSMAP 2110 2026.66 10" diag Basemap
GPSMAP 2106 1599.99 6.4" diag Basemap
GPSMAP 492 942.84 5" diag Full g2
GPSMAP 498 985.70 5" diag Full g2 Built-in Sonar
GPSMAP 392 853.32 5" diag US Lakes
GPSMAP 398 959.99 5" diag US Lakes Built-in Sonar
GPSMAP 292 835.70 5" diag Basemap
GPSMAP 298 878.56 5" diag Basemap Built-in Sonar

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