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Handheld GPS Units

Software Options
Mapping Unit

Mapping Unit

Expandable units take either SD or microSD data cards for loading mapping data. Some units instead have a limited amount of internal memory for the same purpose. All handhelds have enough memory to store waypoints and a track log without adding anything. An expandable-memory receiver lets you add large map segments to your system.
Expandable Memory

Expandable Memory

Some models add pre-loaded maps of Canada and Alaska as well, so that you may drive north of the border without worry.
Automotive Routing

Automotive Routing

Autorouting units will take detailed street map software made by their manufacturer. If you add this software, your handheld will be able to give you driving directions, and beep when it's time to turn. If the unit lacks autorouting capability, you may still be able to load the maps for display purposes, but you won't be able to calculate driving directions.
Topo Included

Topographical Maps Included

Topographical maps provide elevation contours, campground and parks information, and some trail data. For those taking a walk in the woods or climbing a mountain, these units come with the software pre-loaded or on disc. Topo software won't provide maps to calculate driving directions; for that, you'll need an autorouting system.
Hardware & Physical


Some newer units have a touch-screen interface, allowing you to use your finger or a stylus to input commands on the screen.
Barometric Altimeter

Barometric Altimeter

A device with a barometric altimeter uses changes in air pressure to determine your altitude. It could also be used for indicating changing weather. Combined with a topographical map, you'll be certain how far up the mountain or how deep in the canyon you are.
Electronic Compass

Electronic Compass

While any GPS receiver can tell you which direction you're moving, a unit with a compass can tell you which way you're facing and give you magnetic bearing while standing still.


While all handheld GPS receivers sold at Tiger GPS are fully waterproof, some units are designed to actually float if dropped in the water!
Built-in Camera

Built-in Camera

Some models now include a subscription for free map updates, good for the life of the product. Save hundreds of dollars and ensure you're always up-to-date!
Screen Size
Color Screen
4.0" or more
3.0"or more
2.6" or more
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Tiger GPS sometimes offers newly-overhauled units at substantially discounted prices. All refurbishing is done by the original manufacturer, so the units are certified and have an official manufacturer's warranty.
Garmin 010-N1066-20 REFURBISHED Oregon 650 3in Basemap Camera
Garmin 010-01508-00 eTrex 20x Handheld GPS Receiver
Garmin 010-01508-10 eTrex 30x Handheld GPS Receiver
Garmin Oregon 450 Touch-Screen Handheld GPS Receiver SOLD OUT
Garmin GPSMAP 62ST Rugged Hi Perf Handheld GPS w/ U.S. Topo Maps
Garmin Monterra Handheld Android GPS with WiFi & Bluetooth
Garmin Monterra World Handheld GPS Unit - Android Powered w/ Wi-Fi
Garmin Oregon 650t Handheld GPS w/ US Topo Maps
Garmin Montana 650t Touch-Screen Handheld GPS w/US Topo Maps & Camera
Garmin Montana 650 Touch-Screen Handheld GPS with Integrated Camera
Garmin Montana 600 Marine Bundle w/ Pre-Loaded U.S. Coastal Charts
Garmin Oregon 650 Handheld GPS w/ Worldwide Basemap
Garmin Oregon 600t Handheld GPS w/ US Topo Maps
Garmin Oregon 600 Handheld GPS w/ Worldwide Basemap
Garmin eTrex 30 Handheld GPS
Garmin eTrex 20 Handheld GPS
Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS ON SALE WHILE STOCK LASTS
Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Color Hand Held GPS Receiver w/ US Coastal Charts
Garmin GPSMAP 78s Color Hand Held GPS Receiver Now On Sale
Garmin GPSMAP 78 Color Hand Held GPS Receiver Now On Sale
Garmin GPSMAP 62STC Rugged Handheld GPS w/ US Topo Maps & Camera
Garmin Montana 600 Touch-Screen Handheld GPS Receiver
Garmin GPSMAP 62SC Rugged Handheld GPS Receiver w/ Digital Camera
Garmin GPSMAP 62S Rugged High Performance Handheld GPS Receiver
Garmin GPSMAP 62 Rugged High Performance Handheld GPS Receiver
Garmin Oregon 550 Touch Handheld GPS Receiver w/ Integrated Camera
Garmin Oregon 450t Touch-Screen HH GPS Receiver w/ US Topo Maps
Garmin GPSMAP 62ST Rugged Hi Perf Handheld GPS w/ Canada Topo Maps
Garmin Dakota 20 Touch-Screen Handheld GPS Receiver
Garmin Astro 320 GPS Receiver Only Package
Magellan Premium Car Kit for iPhone 3G & iPhone 4
Garmin GPS 72H Hand Held GPS Receiver
Garmin GPS 72H Marine Bundle with Cable, Case & Mount
Bushnell BackTrack Point-3 GPS Digital Compass - Grey
Bushnell BackTrack GPS Original G2 - Black/Green
Bushnell BackTrack GPS Original G2 - Orange/Black
Bushnell BackTrack HuntTrack GPS Digital Compass
Bad Elf GPS Pro Bluetooth Data Logger
Bad Elf High Performance GPS, GLONASS Receiver f/ Lightning Connector
Garmin GLO w/ Vehicle Power Cable
Garmin GPSMAP 64 Rugged High Performance Handheld GPS Receiver
Garmin GPSMAP 64S Rugged High Performance Handheld GPS Receiver
Garmin GPSMAP 64st Rugged Hi Perf HH GPS Receiver w/ US Topo Maps

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