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Lowrance HDS-9m Gen2 Touch Insight GPS Chartplotter

Lowrance HDS-9m Gen2 Touch Insight GPS Chartplotter
Item No.LOW-0145
Manufacturer Part Number000-10767-001
ConditionNew Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)
WarrantyTiger 30 Day, Manufacturer 2 Year
IN STOCK (Ships Today until 3pm EST)


HDS Gen2 Touch - Chartplotter

Navigate. Dominate.

Redefining Ease-of-Use

Personalized or built-in Insight mapping and optional Navionics® charts. View both at once in 3D perspective view, plus StructureMap™, Broadband Radar™ and SIRIUS® weather overlay capability.
New super-bright widescreen displays in 7, 9-inch sizes with touchscreen control. Dominate your time on the water with greater command and control that?s now easier to learn and customize.

Easy-To-Use, Touchscreen Control
Powerful touchscreen with redesigned menus and five push-button controls simplify operation without sacrificing features.
More Powerful Navigational Tools
A super-accurate, internal GPS receiver comes standard on all HDS Gen2 Touch models, plus built-in Insight USA™ high-definition mapping with contour shading. 3D perspective view is also now available with both Insight USA maps and optional Navionics charts, plus a dual-view option allows you to simultaneously use two maps at once.
Insight Genesis™ Compatibility
Make your own map! Create high-definition contours, bottom hardness, and more from personalized sonar log recordings on a powerful, new Lowrance web-based map creation tool.
Flexible Networking Options
Standard on all HDS® Gen2 Touch models, network and share data across all HDS displays for the ultimate flexibility and cost-savings. NMEA 2000®, NMEA 0183 and Ethernet-compatible with up to two Ethernet ports.
Performance Upgrade Choices
Compatible with Broadband 4G™ and 3G™ Radar, LWX-1 SIRIUS® satellite radio and weather receiver, LGC-4000 external GPS antenna, SonicHub™ marine audio server , AIS collision-avoidance system, engine interface cables, plus video camera input on 9-inch models.
Advanced Memory
Up to two waterproof SD card slots to load Insight™ HD, Navionics® map options, Fishing HotSpots PRO®, backup waypoints, routes, trails and settings, and create personalized Insight Genesis™ maps and StructureMap™ from recorded sonar log recordings.
Wireless Connectivity
Available Soon! GoFree WiFi-1 module compatible via Ethernet, when combined with a GoFree Wireless app provides remote viewing and control of HDS Gen2 Touch on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

MPN: 000-10767-001 UPC: 9420024118474

Package Includes

Package Includes:

  • HDS Gen2 Touch Display
  • Front Bezel
  • Sun cover
  • Gimbal mounting bracket
  • Bracket knobs (x2)
  • Power cable
  • Fasteners - #6 x 1.5" (4x)

Tech Specs

Display Widescreen, 16:9 ; WVGA color TFT LCD
Resolution 800 x 480
Operating Frequency (50/200 or 83/ 200 kHz) + 455/800 kHz
Languages 36 total, available on 5 language packs
Media Port 2 SD (full size)
Warranty Two Year
Display Resolution 800 x 480
Display Type WVGA color TFT LCD
Display Size 9" / 228 mm
Brightness 1400 nits
Operating Temperature -15 C to + 55 C (+5 F to + 131F)
Weight [kg] 2
Product Width 10.43"
Product Depth 3.32"
Product Height 6.65"
Power Consumption 15.6 W (1.2 A @ 13 V DC)
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12 V DC (10.8 - 17.0 V DC min - max)
GPS Navigation
Navigation: Routes 200
Navigation: Waypoint Storage 5000
GPS Antenna Type Internal, high-sensitivity GPS+WAAS (Americas)
Background Mapping Built-in Insight USA (Americas)
Languages 36



How is a Lowrance Gen2 Touch different than a regular Gen2?
Other than the touch screen, there are several differences between the HDS Gen2 and the HDS Gen2 Touch lines: 1. HDS Gen2 Touch features an incorporated StructureScan module in the head unit, eliminating the need to mount the box inside the boat; the HDS 12 and 9 Gen2 Touch models have two Ethernet ports on the back, as well as supporting video in (with the use of an optional input cable); and HDS Gen2 Touch is capable of auto adjusting StructureScan contrast.
How do I access split screens?
Split screens can be done in one of two ways: First way, you can press and hold the icon you would like to split (You will then be provided with all possible half and half split combinations). Or, User defined splits can be created.
How often do we need to re-calibrate the screen? Are their certain conditions when this should be done?
The screen does not need to be calibrated often. However, should your screen need to be calibrated doing so is very simple. Just press and hold the waypoint key during the power on process. You will then be taken to a nine-point calibration screen.
How do I take a screenshot?
Screenshots are easier in Gen2 Touch models than ever. In order to take one just press the power and pages keys at the same time. A screenshot will be saved to the HDS unit's hard drive.
How do I select different structure sources?
When multiple structure sources are detected a menu option will appear to change the Source. Simply tap this button to cycle through the choices.
How do I clear the cursor?
Whenever the cursor is displayed the very first item in the right hand menu becomes Clear Cursor.
How do I do sonar logs?
To create a sonar log simply switch to sonar view, press Advanced then press "Log sonar." Once inside you will be presented with a menu where you can choose a file name, save location, and logging criteria.
How do I input video on my HDS9 or HDS12?
HDS 9 and 12 units can display video through the use of an optional adapter cable.
How do I hide the menu?
To hide the user menu, just swipe it to the right.
How do I turn on the Audio bar for SonicHub/ LWX-1?
The option for the Audio Bar can be found in the hidden system menu. To access, just swipe down on the top menu item for any page you are viewing. In the center you will find the option Audio bar.
How do I adjust the StructureScan contrast?
On HDS Gen2 Touch StructureScan contrast is actually automatically adjusted. However, this auto mode can be biased up or down or turned off altogether. To adjust, switch to Structure mode and press the Contrast icon. Inside you will see the slider bar can be moved up or down or in this menu auto mode can be turned off.
How do I change the Sonar color palette?
While viewing the sonar page press View, inside you will see an option for Palette, press and choose the color palette you would like.
What is cursor assist mode?
While using Sonar, Structure, or GPS mode, press and hold your finger on the screen. You will notice the crosshair turns into a circle located just above your finger. This is Cursor Assist Mode. It allows you to see exactly where the cursor is and helps perfect placement.
How do I set up my overlays?
Overlay data can be edited from the Hidden System Menu. Simply switch to the page you would like to edit, and swipe down on the top menu item to access it. At the very bottom you will see Edit overlay. From this menu overlay data can be moved, changed, added, deleted, or configured. Just make sure to press Save when you are finished.
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