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TomTom GO 700 Automotive GPS Traffic Navigation System DISCONTINUED

TomTom GO 700 Automotive GPS Traffic Navigation System DISCONTINUED
Item No.1D00780
Retail Price:$699.95
Our Price:$369.95
ConditionNew Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)
ReturnableYes (See our Return Policy)
WarrantyTiger 30 Day, Manufacturer 1 Year
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NOTE: This item has been discontinued by TomTom. Check out the TomTom GO 510 (click here) instead, which has updated maps and a wider screen, in the same price range!

The ultimate automotive luxury necessity has been announced - the TomTom GO 700. The GO 700 blows all the other GPS navigators out of the water, from across the ocean and on American shores. It has a giant hard drive that is pre-loaded with maps for all of the United States and Canada, features a high-powered processor and internal computer, and is the ultimate Bluetooth hands-free device. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, the TomTom GO 700 serves as a hands-free unit that allows you to make and accept calls, right in your car, with the press of a screen or optional remote control. You can even call POIs listed in TomTom's extensive TeleAtlas database. The Bluetooth capability also allows you to share information from your Palm Pilot, Pocket PC or other such device with your GO. The TomTom GO 700 is high-speed, no-frills, and good-to-go right out of the box!

The new TomTom GO also features itinerary planning and advanced route avoidance features, taking it to the top of the class in navigation capability while retaining the sleek, dynamic design that the made the old GOs famous. The GO 700 from Tiger GPS still has the award-winning 3D map views and an improved POI database that's rumored to have a full six million points-of-interest, making it the new market leader.

TomTom GO 700 - Features

Product highlights

  • Hands-free calling via Bluetooth: Simply tap the GO screen to accept a call or to make one and talk through the GO while you drive
  • Door-to-door routing in North America: connected maps of any address in the entire United States and Canada preloaded on a hard disk drive


  • Assisted Satellite Navigation allows continuous navigation, even in tunnels
  • Just plug in, switch on & GO
  • Simple touch-screen operation
  • Clear, accurate turn-by-turn voice instructions
  • Compact, portable design; easy to take from car to car
  • Crystal-clear 3D graphics
  • View route: review and test the calculated route before you actually start driving
  • Dynamic status bar: improve readability by customizing status bar
  • Tip feature: discover everything GO has to offer through useful onscreen tips
  • Extensive guided tour: pick up the features even quicker and get the maximum out of your TomTom GO


  • Hands-free calling via Bluetooth connection with mobile phone
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Speaks more than 30 languages in over 50 voices
  • User interface: now including 18 languages
  • A choice of routes: quickest, shortest or avoiding toll roads
  • Itinerary planning: plan your trip by defining multiple waypoints and destinations
  • The latest and most complete maps, plus all the maps of Europe are now one seamless map
  • Millions of points of interest
  • Phone control support: call a point of interest t directly through the GO
  • Compass mode available: displays compass on screen to have even more orientation while driving
  • Car speed linked volume: volume of voice instructions will increase/decrease depending on speed of car
  • Anti-glare screen; always an optimal view, even in direct sunlight
  • Improved on/off button: prevents the device to turn off by accident


  • Built-in Bluetooth connection
  • Ready for TomTom PLUS services (real time information on traffic congestions, weather conditions and extra downloads such as detailed city maps, additional voices, points of interest and much more)
  • USB 2.0 for faster data transfers

Technical Information

  • 400 Mhz ARM920T processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 2.5 GB hard disk storage
  • 320 x 240 x 4096 colors 3.5" TFT screen
  • Internal Li-Ion battery
  • 4.5" x 3.6" x 2.3", 11 oz.
  • 12 channel "All-in-View" integrated GPS receiver
  • Internal antenna and support for (not in package) active external antenna

TomTom GO 700 FAQs

Q: What's the difference between the TomTom GO 700 and the TomTom GO Plus?
A: The TomTom GO 700 has a built-in pre-loaded hard drive, hands-free calling, Bluetooth capability, advanced navigation features, extra language support and TomTom Plus expandability, as well as general improvements and modifications.

Q: What's the difference between the TomTom GO 700 and TomTom GO 300?
A: The TomTom GO 700 is the top-of-the-line model of the TomTom GO from Tiger GPS. It features the fastest processor of any TomTom product, has a 2.6GB hard drive with 64MB RAM, and of course, hands-free calling operations. The TomTom GO 300 is the value model of the GO. It provides all the navigation features and basic data compatability, as well as optional TomTom Plus, without as many bells and whistles.

Q: What is TomTom Plus?
A: TomTom is offering optional Plus service for all GO owners. For a small monthly fee, TomTom Plus subscribers are entitled to traffic and weather data, map updates, POI updates, new voices in all languages, and more!

Q: Why is my TomTom GO so much cheaper at Tiger GPS than at other websites?
A: We are the leading online retailer for TomTom, so we buy in huge quantities, which allows us to bring you TomTom products at reduced prices.

Q: How durable is the TomTom and can I use it outside of my car?
A: Although it can be used out of the car because it has an internal battery, the TomTom GO is not recommended for rough outdoor uses such as hiking or on the water. See our selection of handheld GPS units instead. If used regularly and reasonably, the internal battery should last about two years before needing to be replaced.

Q: I heard that the TomTom GO has a radically different method for address entry.
A: The TomTom GO has the same auto-complete features found in other devices and programs. The difference is that the TomTom GO allows you to enter your state and city before the street address, so it will narrow the search database and give you faster results.

Q: Do I need to wire a speaker for the TomTom GO?
A: Not at all. The GO features an internal speaker which has been dubbed "surprisingly loud" and distinct. The clear speaking voice is available in different personalities and languages as well.

Q: What is "assisted satellite navigation?"
A: The TomTom GO has a revolutionary method that allows the GO to continue to navigate, even in a tunnel or other hard-to-track location. While it isn't advisable to drive across four states with ASN, it's an invaluable tool to help keep you on track should you temporarily lose reception.

Q: Does the TomTom GO 700 support multiple-point routes, vias, road avoidances and itineraries?
A: You bet your sweet eustachius it does. Plan out your day's worth of stops, stay off of toll roads, and other such preferences.

Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
A: TomTom proudly presents celebrity navigation in the form of longtime TV and film star John Cleese. Mr. Cleese will take you where you need to go in his unmistakably British, irresistibly irreverent style. You can purchase the voice download by clicking here.

In the Box

1. TomTom GO.
Its main features are a touch-sensitive LCD screen, a power (On/Off) button, a release button (for removing TomTom GO from its cradle) and a Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot.
2. Carry case, for storing TomTom GO when it's not in your vehicle.
3. Screen cloth, to make sure your TomTom GO's screen is always in crystal clear condition.

4. Installation CD, containing PC connection software and a manual.

5. AC adapter, included for you to charge and work with TomTom GO even when it's not in your vehicle. When you use the adaptor, please make sure it is cooled by placing it in a ventilated area.

6. Cigarette lighter cable, with 12-24V cigarette lighter adapter which can also be used in trucks. This is the normal way of providing power to TomTom GO when it's in your vehicle.

7. USB 2.0 data cable for connecting TomTom GO to a Windows PC.

8. Installation poster, showing how to assemble the cradle, how to fix it to your windscreen and how to insert TomTom GO.

9. Quick start guide.

10. Product code card. You can use it to register your unit online at www.tomtom.com.

11. TomTom GO accessory leaflet, showing which extras you can buy for your TomTom GO.

12. Component parts of a suction-mount cradle, for attaching to your windscreen.

Screen Shots

Hands-free car kit
The TomTom GO 700 doesn't just help you find your way, it helps you keep in touch in safety and comfort. The built-in Bluetooth hands-free car kit links compatible mobile phones to your TomTom GO. Simply tap the screen to accept a call or make one and talk through the GO while you drive.
3D navigation view
TomTom's vivid 3D navigation view allows you to grasp your current position better in the same way that you deal with the real world, intuitively. It is particularly helpful when navigating junctions and rotarys.
Itinerary planning
Itinerary planning gives you total flexibility, incorporating multiple stops along the way. And if you want to visit an address again, just save it as a favorite.
Extra safety feature. TomTom GO has a special low-glare night display setting. This uses color schemes that are significantly easier for the eye to adjust to while night driving. You can select between different color styles suitable for night-time driving depending on your personal preferences.
Points of Interest
Your TomTom GO from Tiger GPS stores millions of useful points of interest like parking, gas stations, hotels and restaurants, with an automatic alert option as you approach one. Want more? There are thousands more points of interest available online at www.tomtom.com.
TomTom GO's built in Bluetooth receiver means you can download real-time TomTom PLUS services through the internet connection on your Bluetooth phone anytime and anywhere. TomTom PLUS gives you the real-time information you want on traffic congestions, weather conditions and extra downloads such as detailed city maps, additional voices, points of interest and much more.
Type of routes
Even more flexibility in your route planning: you can choose the type of route you want, whether it's the shortest, the fastest, or one that avoids road charges.

"TomTom GO 700 FAQs" Copyright © 2005 TigerGPS.com, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Looking for an old rebate form? Click here to download it.


Tom Tom Go 700, May 05, 2007
Alan Ryan
The Tom Tom was much more than I expected. I no longer need maps and this thing talks to me when turns are necessary. I wish I purchased it a lon time ago. 5 star rating is correct. Al Ryan

Best ever, April 12, 2007
James Little
I have used several GPS systems and although I have been using this TomTom for only a short time ,it is by far the best ever. It is easy to use and fast.

Great GPS Unit, April 05, 2007
Tom tom GO 700 is so easy to attach and remove from the car window, also easy to dettach from window attachment. Very good hands free blue tooth connection with cel phone. Tom tom customer support is very reliable and helpful when I called, they walk me through step by step.. Highly recommand this gps for everyone.

"Great selection, unbeatable prices, fast shipping. I am extremely happy with Tiger GPS and am recommending them to everyone I know."
- Gary, West Virginia
"Prompt shipment, great communication and a willingness to work for the customer. I would definitely highly recommend Tiger GPS!"
- Karen, California
"It arrived earlier than I expected. I also like the fact that I got e-mail from them confirming my order and giving me their contact info right away. It seemed personalized which I like."
- Stephen, Massachusetts
"The most informative site I have come across. Prices are amazing too - not sure why you would shop for GPS anywhere else."
- Wendy, Louisiana
"These guys know their stuff. They answer their phone right away, and the knowledgeable reps helped me pick the right GPS and even saved me some money!"
- Robert, New York
"No other site is willing to ship to a military APO address, and GPS is crucial out here. Great prices - thank you for supporting the troops."
- Edwin, USMC in Iraq
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